« Quality, Traceability, Safety and Risk Management » Aromasan analyses every production batch of its essential oils in accordance with internal monographs, which are written according to the specifications of the European Pharmacopoeia or according to the ARNOR or ISO standards. The company uses gas gas chromotography (GC) in its quality control laboratories, a leading technology in the analysis of complex volatile mixtures. All analysis certificates can be downloaded at the website :


If they are to be used for therapeutic purposes, essential oils must meet several essential criteria that safely guarantee their origin.

1. The precise botanical species of the plant, from which the essential oil was extracted (Latin name)
2. The productive organ (flowers, leaves, barks, grass…)
3. The biochemical properties

We have set up an effective system of quality control: Traceability of the production batches, botanical description, organoleptic properties, method of extraction, complete physical and chemical analyses. These checks are performed under the supervision of a pharmacist.

All chromatography analyses are available on the website under the heading « Analysis Certificates ».

". N.B. Indications such as "100% natural" or "organic" do not guarantee the quality of the essential oil. The quality of the distillation process is essential. A plant may indeed be " organic ", but may have lost its effect due to poor distillation. For this reason it is especially important to be able to ask for an analysis certificate for every production batch in an essential oil.

Extemporaneous preparations with essential oils :
Aromasan is able to produce various extemporaneous preparations (tablets, suppositories, gels, massage oils, capsules…) using essential oils and vegetable oils.