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Aromasan is a company certified according to ISO 22000.Since October 2009, Aromasan has also been certified by Swissmedic and is authorised to manufacture medicinal products for import and export and engage in the whole sale of medicinal products.It holds a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate.

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It is also one of the first essential oil companies to be certified according to an ISO standard and a pharmaceutical standard.

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Quality Assurance:

"Quality, traceability, security and risk management" Aromasan analyses each batch of essential oils according to the internal monographs which are compiled according to the specifications of the European Pharmacopoeia, or according to the specifications of the AFNOR or ISO norms. At the heart of its quality control laboratory, the company has gas chromatography (GC), the latest technology for analysing complex volatile mixtures.

An adequate quality assurance system has been implemented for guaranteeing faultless products to you:

• traceability of lots;
• botanical description;
• organoleptic characteristics;
• extraction method;
• complete chemical analysis.

In order to guarantee a product of flawless quality, each essential oil is subject to in-house validation through an analysis executed in our facility by means of gas chromatography. Refractive index and optical rotation also are analyses executed by our laboratory..